Keysight (Agilent) 54831D 4 Channel 600MHz+ 16 Logic Channels


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Combining the benefits of industry-leading MegaZoom deep memory and mixed-signal oscilloscope models, the Infiniium 54830 series makes it faster and easier than ever to see whats happening in your high-speed digital or communications design.

See fast events as fast as 250 ps without using special modes like peak detect. Peak points are displayed in a darker color than the waveform indicating more data points are available. Just zoom in to see the event in detail.

Drag and drop markers with your mouse or use the arrow keys.

Bus mode display allows quick readout of digital channel value in hexa-decimal representation at every transition.

See your signal more clearly with a large (8.4-inch) high-resolution color display. Infiniiums bright TFT display with anti-glare coating lets you see the details of your signal from all angles.

Store all your setups and results on the =20 GB hard drive for future recall or sharing via the LAN interface. Order option 017 to make it removeable for operation in secure environments.

Remote access with web-enabled connectivity, e-mail on trigger, and GPIB over LAN.

Windows XP Pro based open platform makes it easier than ever to run Windows applications inside Infiniium.

Save all waveforms, including digital and analog channels, that allows you to store multiple waveforms in ASCII file formats to a single file with a single mouse click.

Maximum sample rate and resolution on every measurement. The scope automatically adjusts memory depth up to 128 Mpts as you use it, so you get maximum sample rate and resolution on every measurement. You dont even have to think about it.

Pick out anomalies easily with intensity-graded persistence mode, color-graded persistence, a colorful visual representation of waveform distribution.

Get fast answers to your questions with the built-in information system. Infiniiums task-oriented Setup Guide provides step-by-step instructions for several advanced measurements and procedures.

QuickMeas+ gives you any four automated measurements with the push of a button. You can also configure this key to print/save screen shots, save waveforms, or load a favorite setup. With the E2699A My Infiniium Software option, configure the QuickMeas+ key to execute a custom analysis executable program.

Autoscale automatically sets deep memory to the amount required up to 128 Mpts for the maximum sample rate and resolution. You never have to set deep memory manually.

Segmented memory acquisition mode captures bursting signals at maximum sample rate without consuming memory during periods of inactivity for very long periods of time.

AutoProbe interface completely configures your scope for use with a wide range of passive, active and differential probes.

A familiar interface makes simple tasks simple. Infiniiums analog-like front panel has a full set of controls color coded to the LEDs, waveforms, and measurements.

Easy access to advanced features like math and FFTs is provided by the Windows-based graphical user interface. This GUI also gives you unique capabilities like drag-and-drop measurements and zooming, and offers a graphical equivalent to all front panel controls.

AutoProbe interface completely configures your scope for use with a wide range of passive, active and differential probes. 10/100 Mbps LAN interface lets you easily print waveforms on networked printers, save your results on your office PC, and share information with others.

Roll mode display allows for continuous scrolling capture of slow analog signals.

Hands-free operation with the Infiniium VoiceControl option. Just speak into the collar-mounted microphone to operate front-panel controls.

Label waveforms and add notes to your screen captures – Infiniiums keyboard makes it easy.

Built-in CD-ROM drive on the rear panel allows you to update the system software conveniently.

Zoom and search with instant response. Zoom into your signal using the horizontal scale knob and search through your waveform with the position knob. Find your area of interest quickly and easily. 4 analog and 16 digital channel.

MSOs allow you to see up to 20 time aligned signals on your scope screen. Also available in 2+16- , 2- and 4- channel models.

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    Keysight (Agilent) 54831D 4 Channel 600MHz+ 16 Logic Channels

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