Keysight (Agilent) 6811A AC Power Source Analyser 375VA


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Keysight ac power source/analyzers are designed for applications which require precise control, accurate measurement, and analysis of single- and three-phase ac power. The feature set and performance levels of this product family provide the flexibility necessary to power and test a wide variety of devices. These products are ideal for applications such as power supply testing, UPS testing, avionics ATE, the testing of power-factor-corrected equipment and devices, and compliance testing to regulatory standards.

The Keysight 6800 series utilizes a low noise switching topology, which delivers high performance and reduced size. These products can output dc (6811A 6812A, 6813A), ac, complex, and user-defined waveforms for exceptional application flexibility over the bus or via an easy-to-use front panel.

The Keysight 6800 series offers the ultimate in waveform generation versatility. For testing products under ac line distortion conditions, clipped sine waves can be generated with 0% to 43% distortion. Up to twelve userdefined arbitrary waveforms can be defined and stored in non-volatile memory. These waveforms can be used to generate steadystate out-puts or can be combined for more complex transient generation schemes. Testing for compliance to ac line harmonic immunity standards can easily be achieved. Sine waves with harmonic content specified by this standard can be downloaded into non-volatile memory and generated as needed.

For testing that requires dc output capability, dc transients or waveforms with a dc offset, the output of the 6811A, 6812A, and 6813A can be configured in ac or dc mode.

When testing requires precise synchronization between waveform generation and measurement of the device under test, the HP 6800 series transient generation capability provides a powerful tool. The Step and Pulse modes offer an easy and convenient method of executing single-step and continuous-output changes. The output voltage amplitude, frequency, phase, waveform shape, voltage slew rate, and frequency slew rate can be controlled in response to an input trigger generated from an internal or external event. The List transient mode further extends this capability for more complex waveform generation needs. Up to 100 sequences of output settings can be precisely executed in response to a trigger or paced by programmed dwell times without computer intervention.

The Keysight 6800 series has measurement functionality equivalent to commercially available high-accuracy power analyzers. This eliminates the need for this standalone instrument for most applications, and lowers systems cost, increases available rack space, and simplifies cabling. All measurements are made with 16-bit resolution, suitable for even the most demanding applications.

The Keysight 6800 series has built-in voltage and current waveform digitization combined with harmonic analysis capability. Amplitude, phase, and total harmonic distortion results up to the 50th harmonic are provided for output frequencies equal to or less than 250 Hz. This measurement feature, accessible via the front panel or over the bus, provides a sophisticated solution for testing during product development.

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    Keysight (Agilent) 6811A AC Power Source Analyser 375VA

Keysight (Agilent) 6811A AC Power Source Analyser 375VA Options

6811A - 10087 TO 106 VAC, 48 TO 63 HZ
6811A - 200174 TO 220 VAC, 47 TO 63 HZ.
6811A - 230191 TO 254 VAC, 48 TO 63 HZ
6811A - 83112 AWG, 200 TO 240 VAC
6811A - 8331.5 MM2 WIRE SIZE, 200 TO 240 VAC,
6811A - 83410 AWG, 100 TO 120 VAC

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