Keysight (Agilent) E8363C 10MHz-40GHz Vector Network Analyser



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The Keysight E8363C is a member of the PNA Series of network analyzers.

The Keysight PNA, PNA-X and PNA-L Series of microwave vector network analyzers provides a powerful and flexible measurement platform that meets the challenge with the right combination of high accuracy, fast sweep speeds, wide dynamic range, low trace noise, and enhanced connectivity. The PNA, PNA-X and PNA-L Series will meet your measurement needs now and well into the future.

Common Features:

Electronic calibration for fast, accurate, and convenient system-error correction.

TRL/LRM calibrations for high accuracy fixture and on-wafer measurements.

Configurable test set for a wide variety of measurement setups.

Frequency offset mode for mixer and amplifier-distortion tests.

Time-domain analysis for improved accuracy and filter tuning.

Easy-to-use front-panel hardkey/softkey interface, or use a mouse and pull-down menus.

Extensive built-in help system for quick answers to operation, application, and programming questions.

Open Windows operating systems for advanced automation and easy connection of peripherals.

The PNA family offers many methods of communication to and from the instrument, using a variety of built-in I/O interfaces. Windows XP lets you take advantage of many features you take for granted on your PC, helping you attain a new level of integration for your component-test processes.

For local storage, use the analyzers internal hard disk drive or connect a USB-based hard disk, flash, or CD-R/W drive. In addition, using drive mapping and the LAN interface, you can save data directly to remote PCs or file servers. This arrangement makes it very easy to develop statistical- process-controlled manufacturing environments.

The PNA family allows a number of ways to connect and control other test equipment such as power meters and signal sources. You can choose to connect them via the USB, GPIB, LAN, serial, or parallel interfaces, and, using any Windows-compatible test program, you can control the test equipment directly from the analyzer. The LAN interface also makes it easy to perform remote troubleshooting. You can view measurement results and control the analyzer from anywhere on the network, whether you are on another floor, in another building, or even at a different site.

For manufacturing environments, test automation is essential for high throughput. For R+D, automated tests can save considerable time that might be spent on repetitive and tedious measurements. The PNA family lets you automate your test processes using several powerful automation approaches. You can create programs using familiar SCPI commands via the GPIB or LAN interfaces, or use COM commands over LAN for fast analyzer access and data transfer. Test programs can be executed internally on the PNA or externally on your PC.

In addition to the measurement-hardware flexibility that is achievable using the configurable test set, the PNAs firmware offers unparalleled measurement flexibility as well:

Configure up to 32 independent measurement channels to eliminate the need for multiple instrument-states recalls.

Use up to 16,001 data points per measurement channel.

Display up to 16 windows, with 4 active traces in each window.

Select up to 10 coupled or independent markers per trace .

Decreasing test time is often critical for success in manufacturing environments. The PNA family has many attributes that help you accomplish your throughput goals. The outstanding performance of the analyzers starts with exceptionally fast sweeps that do not sacrifice performance. Features such as segmented sweeps and limit lines for pass/fail testing allow you to optimize test efficiency. For devices that once required two to four instrument set ups for complete characterization, the PNA Series ability to have up to thirty-two measurement channels, each with its own stimulus and response parameters, can also improve your test throughput.

When using Keysights electronic calibration (ECal) modules, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform calibrations, so you can spend more time measuring your devices. Simply connect the ECal module to your test ports and let the analyzer control and measure all the standards necessary for full two-port calibration. These modules are controlled directly from the analyzer via a USB connection.

The PNA-X is the premier-performance network analyzer for active device test. Exceptional performance, configurability and an integrated second source enable engineers to stay on the leading-edge of component testing.

Key Features:

2 or 4 port 10 MHz to 67 GHz.

Excellent source output power and harmonic performance.

Built-in signal combiner for IMD measurements.

Built-in pulse generators and modulators for pulse RF measurements.

Banded mm-wave systems to 1 THz.

Compatible with multiport test sets.

Mixed/converter test with advanced calibrations.

Antenna/RCS test.

The PNA-L Series is a cost-effective solution for general-purpose network-analysis needs. The PNA-L offers the perfect balance of value and performance.

Key Features:

2-port 300 kHz to 6, 13.5 GHz

2-port 10 MHz to 20, 40, 50 GHz

4-port 300 kHz to 20 GHz, with mixed-mode S-parameters and advanced fixture corrections.

Frequency and power sweeps for measuring S-parameters and gain compression.

Basic mixer/converter measurements.

Pulsed-RF testing down to 2 s pulse widths .

The PNA Series provides advanced performance and measurement capabilities, and is specifically designed for more-demanding applications such as high-accuracy mixer/converter test including absolute group delay, and antenna, pulsed-RF, and mm-wave measurements.

Key Features:

2-port 10 MHz to 20, 40, 50, 67, 110 GHz.

Banded mm-wave systems to 1 THz.

Multiport test sets to 67 GHz.

Mixer/converter test with advanced calibrations.

Antenna/RCS test.

Pulsed-RF testing down to 50 ns pulse widths

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