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Rohde & Schwarz ESHS30 9kHz to 30MHz EMI Test Receiver

Rohde Schwarz ESHS30 300H

The Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 is available to buy refurbished used or rent, usually from our UK stock.


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Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 datasheet

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Rohde & Schwarz ESHS30 9kHz to 30MHz EMI Test Receiver Description:

  • 9KHz - 30MHz frequency range
  • CISPR16, VDE0876, ANSI C63.2, EN55011 to 55022, ETS, FCC, VCCI, VDE 0871 to 0879 and ANSI C63.4
  • High measurement accuracy typically 0.5dB
  • Tracking generator and IF analyzer
  • Parallel detectors for average, peak and quasi-peak indication

The Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 is a member of the ESxS family of EMC receivers, which are suitable for measuring electromagnetic interference in line with commercial standards:

ESHS, ESVS - Complying with CISPR16, VDE0876 and ANSI C63.2. Measurements in line with EN55011 to 55022, ETS, FCC, VCCI and VDE 0871 to 0879 and ANSI C63.4.

ESS - Additionally complying with MILSTD- 462D, DEF-STAN59-41, GAMEG13,
VG95377 Part 11. Additional measurements to MILSTD- 461, DEF-STAN 59-41, GAMEG- 13, VG 95370 and 95373.


Mainly used in routine tests: for example measurements on devices with the same type of interference, like power supply units with permanent broadband interference, which need not be subjected to preliminary measurement.


Predominantly used where the type of EUT frequently changes, eg in test houses and quality control departments of large enterprises. The tracking generator allows additional measurement of cable losses, RFI suppression filters and attenuation of field-strength test sites. The built-in IF analyzer enables the interference spectrum to be monitored in manual measurements.


The continuous frequency range from 5 Hz to 1000 MHz allows all applications of ESHS10 through to ESVS30. All measurements to military standards up to 1 GHz are also possible.

Overview of models:

The individual models of the EMI test receiver family have different features and frequency ranges. Family members covering the same frequency range have the same RF characteristics as well as measurement and AF demodulators.

- Particularly favourably priced models ESHS10 for 9 kHz to 30 MHz and ESVS10 for 20 to 1000 MHz with four-line LCD display.

- Enhanced-feature models ESHS30 and ESVS30 with screen and floppy-disk drive, plus tracking generator and IF analyzer.

- ESS combines ESHS30 and ESVS30 features in one unit with enhanced frequency range, more bandwidths and RMS indication.

All models feature an excellent price/ performance ratio, compact design, high measurement speed and great operating convenience.

Main features:

Superior circuit design:

- High measurement accuracy, typical error 0.5 dB.

- Wide dynamic range, typical noise figure 7 dB with preamplifier, third order intercept point 20 dBm (without preamplifier).

- Calibrated attenuator with high pulse loading capacity, switchable in 10-dB steps from 0 to 120 dB.

- Comprehensive preselection filters.

- Switchable preamplifier with wide dynamic range.

- Crystal-stabilized, fast synthesizer with high resolution and sweep mode for fast frequency scanning.

- High-level mixer with high oscillator rejection.

- Delay-equalized IF filters.


- Parallel detectors for average, peak and quasi-peak indication (ESS: plus RMS indication)

- 60 dB operating range also for quasi-peak and average value indication.

- Highly linear envelope detector with more than 70 dB dynamic range.

- AM and A0 demodulators (ESVS and ESS also FM).

- Logarithmic amplifier with more than 70 dB dynamic range.

- Peak indication with automatic consideration of IF bandwidth correction values for broadband interference measurements.

- Automatic overload detection in mixer stages and in test channel by permanently activated peak detectors.

Powerful processor system:

- Manual operation or internal or external processor control.

- Flash EPROMs for convenient and fast firmware update through PC.

- Macros for automatic and semiautomatic test runs.

- Automatic level calibration.

- Automatic consideration of frequency- dependent transducer factors.

- All built-in functions fully programmable via IEC/IEE bus.

- Fast measurement in external trigger mode; output of up to 5000 values/s via IEC/IEEE bus, up to 400 values/s including frequency change within certain frequency bands

- 12-bit A/D converter with short conversion time, measurement time selectable between 1 ms and 100 s.

- High measurement accuracy thanks to automatic total calibration.

- Automatic monitoring of all synthesizer loops and supply voltages during operation.

Optimum result display and printout:

- Measurement of voltage, field strength, current and pulse spectral density with display of relevant units.

- Indication of result on analog meter or digital display with 0.1 dB resolution.

- Output of results as lists and diagrams on printer or plotter including limit lines and user-defined labelling.

Further features:

- Digital level indication on LCD and analog level indication on movingcoil meter taking into account transducer factors and their units.

- Built-in 31/2 disk drive with 1.44 Mbyte (models 30 and ESS).

- Numerous interfaces for driving or feeding additional devices.

- AC supply as well as battery powering for mobile applications.


RFI field-strength and RFI power measurements:

For solving complex EMC problems, manual measurement often is the most efficient way, since the operator can make full use of his experience in identifying interference sources. The receivers feature conventional test receiver operation with tuning knob, indication of results on a meter and built-in loudspeaker.

Nonvolatile storage of 22 limit lines and transducer factors with up to 50 values is possible. By combining the transducer factors, all test configurations occurring in practice can be covered.

Macros for semi-automatic test runs (ANALYSIS OPTIONS) match the test receivers to the specific configuration, device under test and test specification. Being thus prepared, the test receivers perform the following routines:.

- Fast prescan measurement using peak or average detector.

- Determination of critical frequencies by means of limit lines with data reduction to shorten the measurement time.

- Final measurement at critical frequencies using average and/or peak detector.

- Output of results on plotter or printer.

The test receivers offer a choice between automatic, semi-automatic and user-controlled test runs. Scan options are available for prescan measurements, data reduction and final measurements.

Data reduction is the main criterion for optimizing the test run. It is the link between prescan interference measurement and correct weighting with test parameter variation (final measurement) to reduce measurement time. There are also scan options taking account of the test configuration, for instance measuring RFI voltage with LISNs, RFI power with an absorbing clamp and RFI field strength with antennas.


The modular design of the test receivers provides excellent RF shielding and great convenience for servicing. An extremely low-noise, temperature controlled fan ensures low self-heating. The comprehensive selftest functions allow easy identification of a faulty module which can be replaced with a minimum of effort and without affecting the other modules.

We offer the refurbished used Rohde & Schwarz ESHS30 9kHz to 30MHz EMI Test Receiver for sale and rental.

The Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 is fully tested and refurbished in our in-house ISO9001 calibration laboratory. We supply manuals, accessories, full warranty and a free-of-charge Certificate of Conformity. We can also provide the Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 with a fresh calibration for a small additional charge.

If you have under-utilised test equipment talk to us about trading-in or part-exchanging it towards the Rohde-Schwarz ESHS30 or other refurbished test equipment.

Last Updated: 23-Jan-2019