Rent Test Equipment

Rent test equipment from us and benefit from the uk’s lowest rental rates.

Rental is a great tool for a number of business situations where purchase, particularly of expensive new equipment, isn’t a good option for example:

  • Short term requirements which don’t justify large capital investment.
  • Project based requirements with a distinct start and end.
  • Cash flow enhancing, paying for the equipment as you use it.
  • Urgent needs requiring fast delivery.
  • Try-before-you-buy.

Test Equipment Rental

Rental is also the perfect solution when you need to minimise your risk, for example in a new company venture.

Remember that value is not measured by how much equipment you get for your money, but how much USE of that equipment you get for your money. This usually paints a very different picture and such analysis generally favours the rental option. But if you really do have to buy, then buy SECOND USER!

We keep our rental prices low (as much as 30% less than the competition) by only stocking the most commonly required products. By avoiding the high investment, high depreciation ‘bleeding edge’ products, we can keep our costs down and pass that saving on to you.

Unlike the ‘traditional’ rental companies, we are happy to offer our rental inventory for sale. We offer various commercial options such as rent-to-buy and rental rebates – just ask and we will always endeavour to meet your needs.

If you would like a formal quotation or wish to discuss your test equipment requirements with one of our experienced Sales Engineers please contact us by Telephone 01183 800 800, Email or click here to Contact Us.