Sell Your Test Equipment To Us

Test equipment is one of the most expensive fixed assets in your inventory. Under utilised test equipment ties up valuable cash and degrades your return on capital employed.

Whilst practically all companies have comprehensive procedures for purchase, few have the same for disposal. In a well managed inventory, unused equipment is sold and low utilisation equipment is sold with rental being used for the odd occasion when it is needed.

Sell Your Test Equipment

This can release tens of thousands of pounds. In fact, buying all your test equipment second user in the first place and then aggressively managing its disposal can cut your costs in half compared to buying new and never disposing of equipment. That’s an awful lot of money saved

If you have any items of equipment you would like to dispose of, let us know and we’ll make you an offer. Once we buy the equipment from you, your obligations end. We don’t expect any warranty or the like. All we ask is that it is working to manufacturers specifications and you can prove it’s yours to sell.

To really benefit from an actively managed disposal policy, we are able to help you review your whole inventory, determine the best means of procurement for you requirements and actively dispose of you under-utilised inventory. Please contact us for more details.

If you would like a formal quotation or wish to discuss your test equipment requirements with one of our experienced Sales Engineers please contact us by Telephone 01183 800 800, Email or click here to Contact Us.