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LeCroy DA1822 DC-10MHz Differential Amplifier


Lecroy DA1822: Buy refurbished used or rent in the UK.


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Lecroy DA1822 datasheet

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LeCroy DA1822 DC-10MHz Differential Amplifier Description:

  • DC to 10 MHz bandwidth
  • 100,000 to 1 CMRR
  • Gain of 1, 10, 100 & 1000
  • Full upper & lower bandwidth limits
  • Provides a differential input for single ended instruments

The DA1820/1822 is a stand-alone, high-performance 10 MHz differential amplifier. They are intended to act as a signal conditioning preamplifier for oscilloscopes and network and spectrum analyzers, providing differential measurement capability to instruments having only a single-ended input.

Amplifier gain can be set to 1, 10, 100 or 1000. The high gain of the DA1822 can extend the sensitivity of a scope with 1mV/div to a very usable 1uV/div. A built-in input attenuator can be separately set to attenuate signals by a factor of 10, allowing gain of 1000, 100, 10, 1, or 0.1 and common mode dynamic range of +15.5V (/1) or +/- 1.55V (/10). Optional probes further increase the maximum input signal and common mode ranges in proportion to their attenuation ration, but not exceeding the probes maximum input voltage rating. Effective gain of the DA1822, including probe attenuation, amplifier gain and attenuator setting is automatically displayed.

The DA1820/1822 gave a bandwidth of DC to 10 MHz, but the operator can select from a full complement of high and log frequency 3dB points. In critical measurements, the signal-to-noise ratio can be greatly improved by restricting the amplifier bandwidth to the frequency range of interest.

The DA1822 features a built-on Precision Voltage Generator (PVG) that can be set to any voltage between +/-15.5 volts (+/- 10 volts in Differential Offset) with 5.5 digit resolution. Each digit of the voltage generator output can be individually incremented or decremented and the sign changed between + and -. The PVG's output can be selected as an input to the inverting (-) input of the amplifier for operation as a differential comparator or applied internally as a true differential offset voltage. The voltage is also available to be used externally through a rear panel connector. The PVG if not included in the model 1820.

The DA1820/22 operate from 100 to 250 V AC line without line switching. A wide range of high-performance differential probes are available for use with the DA1820/1822. These include the DXC100 selectable (/10 /100) attenuation probes, the DXC350 /100 high-impedance (92 meg / 2.4pF) probe and the /1 DXC200 probes. Differential probes with higher voltage ratings are also available.

We offer the refurbished used LeCroy DA1822 DC-10MHz Differential Amplifier for sale and rental.

The Lecroy DA1822 is fully tested and refurbished in our in-house ISO9001 calibration laboratory. We supply manuals, accessories, full warranty and a free-of-charge Certificate of Conformity. We can also provide the Lecroy DA1822 with a fresh calibration for a small additional charge.

If you have under-utilised test equipment talk to us about trading-in or part-exchanging it towards the Lecroy DA1822 or other refurbished test equipment.

Last Updated: 19-07-2024

LeCroy DA1822 DC-10MHz Differential Amplifier Popular Configurations:

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